andy & joshua bourassa

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The picture below was taken just shortly before Joshua and Andy has their domestic partner ceremony and I love it as it captures their closest family and friends together in a very happy moment! From left to right: Joshua's Father and Mother, Me, Joshua, Andy, Jane, and Andy's Mother and Father

Seeing Andy and Joshua surrounded by their friends and family brought the most wonderful feelings of hope, love, and happiness to my heart that day. They are two wonderful people who have worked long and hard to make their relationship work and it is a testament to what love truly is. I love them both dearly!.

and more pictures from that special day!

And here we are just before the ceremony on the steps of the New Hampshire State House. Joining us on the left, is my friend Ray.  Damn, aren't we a good looking crew? :-)

No ceremony is complete unless there is a cake! At the reception, this beautiful cake was devoured along with lots of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

My boys, Andy and Tucker. Aren't they cute? :-)


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