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"There are passengers and then there are crew who accompany you during the voyage of life..."

And Becky is crew.

This amazing person came into my life back in 1993 and from day one, we've been making each other laugh and smile. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love her, or how much of a wonderful influence she's been in my life. Though thick and thin, joyous and disastrous times, and all of the other crazy illusions that life has presented to us, we've kept each other grounded, safe and secure in the fact that we'll always have shoulder to lean on (or a partner to share a glass of wine with :)

Though I have this listed elsewhere on my site, I want to share this poem with you that Becky wrote many years ago for me. Nothing but love... :)

Michelangelo and the Poet

A precious moment granted for myself one morn'
to admire the great works of masters long, long ago.
Careful expressions of those who lived centuries before me,
preserving something so personal, and more beautiful than time.

Behold his gentle strokes of coal, like faint whispers they call
and ask me to find the man behind the picture; I feel so alive.
Though centuries, like tides, have drifted between us
our mortality and passion makes us equal. 

Like Michelangelo, I am but a mere man;
beautiful are the works of life --his drawings, our prose.
Greatness comes to those who carefully combine skill, determination,
and the willingness to share. To me, this is what makes great masters among us. 

As navigators of the tides, we are destined to make our way;
yet some strive to leave footprints in the sands of time.
He sketches them on paper, others build skyscrapers
--I am still finding my many ways. 

Though my time here is short, and my steps may be few,
I chance that others may feel my passion; and try to see
the one behind the words. For you and I are masters among men
--and I am proud to walk along the shore with you, my friend.

~ Becky Ayers




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