michael "tab" wacisko

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This is my brother, Michael "Tab" Wacisko. Originally from "The Bronx" he brought his New Yowrk accent and attitude to New Hampshire when he attended DWC.  Over the years, my life has never been the same and that's an awesome thing when all it does is get better w/him in it. But then again, that's what friends are for :)

Among other hobbies, Tab is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been known to write some excellent poetry. Together, we have spent many a hazy and smoky night philosophizing, listening to 311 and searching for some wondrous meanings of life.  I think that searching for the meaning of life is going to be more a lot rewarding and fun than actually finding it.  No matter, since any journey with this brother of mine is always a memorable adventure.. shhhhaaa baby!


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