the wright family

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Here is a good shot of the Wright family, part of my extended family :)  Going clockwise, we start with Mike and then his brother (one of my best friends), Bill aka Spidey, then his mom Kathy and his father Eddie!  They are a wonderful group of people.  Back in 1994 Kathy fought a long and hard battle with cancer and eventually passed on to the next great adventure.  Her family still continues to thrive and do well, with her looking over them from beyond.  Mike is currently married and has a son, Bill got September in2001 and Eddie is currently with his lady friend Karen.

Heheheh, doesn't Spidey look like one of those guys from the band Back Street Boys in this picture?  I don't know, there's definitlely something going on there with that look on his face!  Hahahahaah.... :-)


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