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Web sites of some of my good friends.  Check 'em out!

    • Behind the Mask: My cousin Eric Bornstein is an amazingly talented person (as well as being an exceptional human being!). Check out his site where you can learn more about how he creates theatrical masks for a world wide clientele!
    • Adam Arnold & Michael Clarke:   One of my oldest and closest friends and his brother are just starting to put some of their toons on the web.  Check it out!
    • Kevin Bomberry: Graphic design work at it's best!finally put her artwork on the web. Check it out, especially if you like horses
    • Crissy Larson finally put her artwork on the web. Check it out, especially if you like horses!
    • Tim "Porky" Watkins:  Check out one of my best friends poetry and other cool stuff!
    • Mark Hamel:  One of my closest friends in the world finally expands his to the WWW :-)
    • Crissy Larson:  Amazing artwork as well as agricultural design

Great cartoon/animation sites!

If you are interested in it, you'll find it out there! 

    • Google - The only search engine you'll ever need.
    • Woot: Some of the coolest t-shirts, wine and deals on the web. One day only!
    • The Onion - The source for satirical news.  This is definitely worth checking out!
    • Intellicast:  Check out the weather!
    • CNN or BBC: Your new sources on the world
    • Digg: The rest of the news as voted popular by the people!
    • Meebo: You like to IM? Use more than one service? Check this out!
    • Cute Overload: Need a smile? Like kittens, puppies and other happy critters?
    • MapQuest - Need to download a map or plan a trip? Check out this site! 
    • EARTHQUAKES! Check out what's shaking!

    Am I missing any good sites? Drop me a line and let me know!


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