Chris Berkeley's address at Graham Berkeley’s Memorial Service
Grace Church in New York City, October 12 2001

"Graham’s parents Charles and Pauline, his brothers, Chris and Roger and their wives, Debbie and Louise wish to thank all gathered here today in this beautiful Grace church in New York City for the fine tribute you are paying Graham.

We share your grief and that of the family of Myra Aronsen, his Compuware colleague, and that of all the grieving families of the victims who were on the four aircraft and those who worked in or around the World Trade Centre Towers. Also the families of those heroic members of the New York Emergency Services, Fire,  Ambulance, and Police -  men and women who so bravely gave their lives. May God bless them and us.

Graham brought us great joy. As a baby, his sweet nature and beaming smile lit up our lives. As he grew up we marveled at his determination to excel in all he did and gloried in his love for and prowess at music making. His violin playing brought wonderful music into our lives and we hold it in our memories of him.

Graham loved his job within the Compuware family for its excitement, challenges and the opportunities it gave him to travel extensively. He met many wonderful people worldwide most of whom became firm friends. He valued their camaraderie and acceptance and loved them for it. He loved America, his chosen home, for its vast beauty, opportunity and freedom. Graham loved New York City, its bustle, its culture and its vitality. His spirit and the spirit of this great city will be interlinked forever.

To us Graham was our ‘lark’, he soared high and made beautiful music.

May he rest in peace.


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